Surmounting Reality

Hello, I’ve been taking digital pictures for a little over a year now, and enjoy creating scenes that are inspiring to me personally! I have an eye for so much that is beautiful in life and appreciate the wonders of the world! My love of culture, people and their differences, strengths and weakness seems to be driving my photography. I have been using GIMP in most of my editing, and recently began using Photo Shop CC, so enjoy bringing many of my themes to another level of beauty that I hope you enjoy. Enjoy your stay here, and know that with just one simple kind act, we are changing our world!

Founder of Surmounting Reality Surrealism in Art – a new Surrealist Flickr group, that celebrates real life and digital artists from around the world:

Along with Angela Thespian, we bring you one of the top SL magazines celebrating all that is good about Second Life! FOCUS Magazine brings novice photographer together with those who have been taking snapshots for some time, and several who are artists and photogs in real life! I’m proud to be a part of such an amazing group, and one that has well over 1200 members and over 10,000 who read FOCUS Magazine each month.

Visit FOCUS Magazine & Galleries BLOG

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